Hi, I'm Aman 👋



With Healthcare.

I am passionate about building smart devices to improve health standards.



Career Matrix

As a software intern at Kuehne-Nagel, I had developed an employee almanac that would annotate the career track of each employee and help the employees regarding the possible changes in their career.


VIT operating system was a simulation of macOS on a web-based chrome browser. The project's main aim was to provide an interface similar to macOS for routine university work. The application was later coupled into an independent computer application.

VIT Teacher's Review Portal

This project is a tool by which a teacher can collect feedback from students regarding the curriculum and teaching methodology. The student's anonymity is maintained while reporting the input to the teacher.


Password Manager

Password Manager is a command-line-based tool using the file system to store encrypted passwords. The passwords are held after the encryption process using the AES encryption algorithm, and the keys are shared with the user.


Patient Monitoring System

It is a cloud-based entity that can receive data from various medical devices and trigger alerts to medical staff and doctors. It uses NodeJS servers for high computation along with Spring Boot servers for data operations and PostgreSQL as a database. RabbitMQ was being used to connect the services to make the workflow asynchronous.


Walking Stick for visually impaired people

It is an IoT-based project where a walking stick is enhanced with an obstacle avoidance algorithm and GPS sensors. The walking stick would give the user an experience that would grant him extra freedom to move and allow them to be traced if they are lost.

About Me

I am a software engineer working to build healthcare solutions using IoT, Cloud Computing, and Data Sciences. I have completed my undergraduate education at Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore, in Computer Science and Engineering.

I have interned at Kuehne + Nagel and later pursued my interest by interning at Philips Healthcare. After completing my internship, I continued to work at Philips as a Software Engineer.

I firmly believe that extensive use of technology can easily extend the average human life span by enabling early diagnosis of chronic diseases and regularly tracing the body's condition.



Philips India Limited

Senior Software Engineer

Contributed to the architecture and implementation of features deployed on medical devices present in hospital premises. The components were developed using Java and Angular with Kubernetes as the orchestration tool.

Philips India Limited

Software Intern

Explored the regulations of working in the healthcare domain and supported the team by checking the feasibility of different approaches which could lead to the betterment of the product.

Kuehne + Nagel

Summer Intern

Architected an HR tool that would help the employees clarify the prerequisites of different designations and the probability of them getting promoted. The tool was built using PostgreSQL, Flask, and jQuery.